by Team FashionsNews

About Us:

FashionsNews is the most trusted global online platform for entertainment, fashion, jewelry, lifestyle and trends etc. In 2023, we launched our platform, which is entirely independent and the most trusted source for various information and services that connect the fashion industry worldwide.

We are Global

Our innovative team of journalists operates across more than 30 markets to provide the most up-to-date business information and relevant content to millions of professionals in the entertainment industry.

We are Connected

We create, communicate and share content, connecting dots for fashion professionals. We are an independent platform that shares our global team’s knowledge with the goal of making the fashion industry more effective and transparent by offering our unique viewpoint. Our career portal acts as an online marketplace for talent from all over the world and gives you a competitive hiring advantage over the most renowned companies and brands.

The company believes in making the business more efficient and open.


These fundamental values form the foundation of FashionsNews’s winning company culture. They define the essence of the business and determine how we conduct ourselves and make decisions.

  • Guardianship Fulfilling our obligation of building a better, more robust, and more durable company for future generations, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, acting with an owner mentality, developing people and talent, and helping improve niche communities within the industry.
  • User Value Creation
  • Soon, we will be glad to allow our audience to grow their businesses and build responsive and pertinent relationships by continuously delivering value through creativity.
  • One Leading Global Network
  • We are utilizing worldwide insights, connections, relationships, collaboration, and knowledge to provide superior customer service via an exclusive fashion-related business community that unites the fashion industry.
  • Trustworthy Authority
  • Our team of global fashion and journalistic professionals is determined to bring you the most up-to-date industry news first, founded on fact and truth, to educate and engage readers with accurate details.
  • Best People
  • We are inspiring, developing, and keeping the top talent for our company and challenging our employees by demonstrating a “can-do” innovative attitude and encouraging a cooperative and positive environment that provides the highest possible customer service.
  • Lifetime Relationships
  • We operate in an industry that is relatively unimportant in the world. Furthermore, we cherish every connection and seek to build a lasting commitment, as we’ll always be able to meet at least once.



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